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Helicopter rental with a pilot in St Petersburg Russia

Аренда вертолёта в Сакт-Петербурге СПб

Helicopter rental Bell, Robinson, Eurocopter, Mi-8 with a pilot in St. Petersburg from DALEX-VIP. Helicopter for the wedding. VIP charter. Transfer, air taxi to Pulkovo airport, Moscow, Helsinki. Excursions and business flights over the Northern capital. Air transport for business, for birthday. Quickly, comfortably and safely organize your flight in any direction.

To rent a helicopter with a pilot in DALEX-VIP for flight through St. Petersburg and the region, personal charter to Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk and other cities of central Russia, Comfort and safety are guaranteed!

Aviataxi, helicopter air transport in St. Petersburg

Аэротакси, аэротрансфер на вертолете в Санкт-Петербурге

Air taxi, air transport by helicopter in St. Petersburg - as a way to get to the planned place without traffic jams, quickly, inexpensively, at a reasonable price. It's real together DALEX-VIP.

Flight to Pulkovo airport, seaport, takeoff and landing almost anywhere in the Northern capital and the Leningrad region. Helicopter taxi with the delivery of cars Mercedes S class W 222 to the house, office, hotel to deliver the passenger to the landing site. We took the best from HeliExpress and Mercedes-Benz.

Intercity aerotaxi to Moscow from St. Petersburg by helicopter Bell, Robinson, Eurocopter, Mi-8 - the choice of businessmen, tourists. In a few hours you will be transferred to the capital to meet with business partners, signing a contract, an excursion. VIP charter in a helicopter to key localities and regions of the Russian Federation (the rupture that is available for its overcoming of the vehicle).

International flights DALEX-VIP is a helicopter flight to Finland (Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Tampere), Sweden (Stockholm), Norway (Oslo), Estonia (Narva, Tallinn, Pärnu) and other top destinations of the Baltic States, Europe. Forget about long hours of idle time on the border in anticipation of passage of customs control.

Order air taxi in St. Petersburg, helicopter taxi by phone +7 (812) 679-80-07. Daily, round the clock. Book an airtransfer is also easy on our website.

Helicopter rental for a wedding in St. Petersburg - walk, photo session

Rent a helicopter for a wedding, a solemn wedding walk, flight over the memorable places of St. Petersburg - originally, creatively and inexpensively. Favorable package offers in the summer period - the season of newlyweds. A professional photographer and video operator from a partner studio. Provision of a minibus, a Mercedes VIP car class to the take-off place.

Аренда вертолета на свадьбу в Санкт-Петербурге

Wedding photo session on a helicopter, against the background of the main attractions of St. Petersburg (the Spit of Vasilevsky Island, Palace Square, the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress) will decorate your photo album. Photographs next to Bell, Robinson, Eurocopter, Mi-8 on a platform or on board during the flight.

Rent a helicopter for movies, commercials, clips. The prices are calculated individually, depending on the type of air transport. We take into account all the wishes - arrange a wedding in a helicopter, effectively deliver the groom and the bride, wedding cake, gifts to the place of marriage (Palace, registry office, outdoors outside the city).

Helicopter rental - ambulance in St. Petersburg

Renting a private helicopter for the urgent hospitalization of a seriously ill patient in a hospital in St. Petersburg, the clinic is an ideal variant of transportation from any district of the Leningrad region, northwest region to one of the city medical institutions.

Аренда вертолета - скорая медицинская помощь в Санкт-Петербурге

Emergency medical assistance by helicopter in St. Petersburg - the opportunity to save precious time and probably save a loved one's life. Flying on a private medical helicopter from the place (village, village), where there are no roads, does not go transport. Round-the-clock booking and aircraft delivery in the shortest possible time.

To order a carriage, the patient can be transported urgently by the phones indicated on the site, or through the feedback form. Choosing sanaviation on helicopter from DALEX-VIP, you can be assured of high-quality and safe flight, punctuality, efficiency in the work of our service staff.

Helicopter rental - flight cost, prices in St. Petersburg

The cost of renting a helicopter in St. Petersburg is based on the duration and range of flight. Also the price depends on the capacity (the number of passengers) and the class of the cabin of the ship. Helicopters of economy class category are cheaper, Lux class is slightly more expensive. The final amount includes fuel spent, availability of downtime and other factors.

When ordering a helicopter rental in St. Petersburg on the site, please specify:

  • Number of passengers;
  • Class of air transport;
  • Amount of luggage;
  • Distance of flight;
  • Exact time of departure.

How much does it cost to rent a helicopter in St. Petersburg, you can also from the managers. Real prices for rent of air transport in St. Petersburg.

Helicopter type (number of places) Cost of 1 hour
Helicopter rental Robinson R44 (3 passengers) 39 000 rub
Helicopter rental Bell 206 (4 passengers) 55 000 rub
Helicopter rental Bell 407 (6 passengers) 78 000 rub
Helicopter rental Eurocopter EC120 (4 passengers) 63 000 rub
Helicopter rental Eurocopter AS355 (5 passengers) 72 000 rub
Rent a Mi-8 helicopter (20 passengers) 135 000 rub

Helicopter rental Mi-8 VIP salon (10-13 passengers)

155 000 rub

Hourly, daily, long-term rent of a helicopter. Quickly, inexpensively we get anywhere in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, the north-west of the Russian Federation. Helicopter rental for 1 hour, for 2 hours, for a day or night, for a day, for a week.

Booking air taxi, hire a helicopter for business or leisure

Call us by phone in St. Petersburg +7 (812) 679-80-07

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    • Мерседес S222 + Гелендваген G63

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 30%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес V-Class

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 14'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, белый цвет, Люкс
      • СКИДКА - 20%
    • Подробнее


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