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Mercedes-Maybach S-Class W222 2017 Rent A Car with Driver Saint-Petersburg

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S500 Rent A Car with driver in St Petersburg Russia


Mercedes Maybach S-Class S500 X222 2018 rent a car with driver in St Petersburg Russia by DALEX-VIP. Black and white color car rental for a wedding, business meeting. Luxury Class Taxi and transfers. Business trip to the summit of the forum. Limousine for artists, stars of show business. Inexpensive, low-cost.

Revived by the German car manufacturer from Stuttgart, the new Mercedes Maybach S500, S600 X222 2018 kuzvoke collected in itself all the best among colleagues in the line of Premium Class. Equipped with modern technology, it remains the same expensive, elegant and strict limousine of all time.

Mercedes-Maybach S500 X222 for rent

Packege Services

  • Executive Maybach ren a car at SPIEF, summit forum, presentation;
  • WhiteMaybach rental for a wedding, a birthday, a celebration;
  • Rental car at the corporate, VIP business meeting, party;
  • Transfer to Pulkovo airport, railway / bus station, the sea port of St. Petersburg;
  • A meeting of the hospital on the Maybach;
  • VIP Maybach taxi;
  • Rent Mercedes Maybach for photo shoots, filming a movie, music video and advertising.

The cost of renting a car - Price per hour in St. PetersburgPrice-List Rent A CarBook a car with a driver in St. Petersburg

Minimum order Mercedes-Maybach S500, S600 - 3:00 + 1 hour delivery.

Hourly, daily, long-term lease with the Maybach driver. Rental Mayybaha day, night, day.

Mercedes-Maybach S500 2018 Rent a car

Book it +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59


White Maybach for wedding - rent, hire in St. Petersburg

Аренда Мерседес Майбах 2016 с водителем в Санкт-Петербурге (СПб)

White Maybach hire a wedding in St. Petersburg. Premium car LUX class with a driver in a wedding procession at the best price in St. Petersburg.

New 2018 Maybach S500 has a fleet DALEX-VIP !!!

The most popular option among honeymooners, the choice of wedding car. The best ratio of price and quality. The cost of high-end executive Mercedes-Maybach S500 X222 is from 3500 rubles / hour. Minimum order Maybach at the wedding in St. Petersburg, birthday, romantic evening - 4 + 1 hour delivery cars. On the choice of black and white.

Large snow-white leather upholstery, panoramic roof, minibar. Silver champagne glasses, TV, HI-TECH Soup - all of this and more in a wedding limousine Maybach new generation S-Class S500 X222 from Mercedes.

Mercedes Maybach at the wedding and wedding photo shoot on a background of iconic attractions such as the St. Petersburg Palace Square, the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Bronze Horseman, the Promenade des Anglais will be the best memories in your family photo album.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class X222 2017 Rent A Car With Driver

Mercedes-Maybach S 500 Rent A Car with driver in St Petersburg



Video Trailer Mercedes-Maybach S500

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  • Address: 199004, St. Petersburg, Cadetskaya line 29, of. 19
  • Phone: +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59
  • Opening hours: around the clock, without breaks and days off
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    • Мерседес S222 + Гелендваген G63

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 30%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес V-Class

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 14'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, белый цвет, Люкс
      • СКИДКА - 20%
    • Подробнее
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