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Mercedes-Benz Cars, VANs, SUVs Rental with driver in St Petersurg

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class rent a car with driver in St Petersurg Russia by DALEX-VIP company. For business, for leisure and weekend, for a taxi, for a wedding.

Are you still in the search of a profitable car rental Mercedes with a driver? Do you need a business class minivan for a corporate trip? For the wedding plans to order a bus for the transportation of guests? Need a transfer to Moscow from St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), to Finland from St. Petersburg? Or maybe there is a need for a VIP taxi in Pulkovo? We thought it all out for you and prepared a great solution for every question!

mercedes benz s class w222 arenda spb

Rent of representative cars Mercedes S class, VIP minibuses, buses of business class with a driver in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg). Transfers and taxi.

We have successfully proven ourselves in the transport services market since 2000 in the North-West region of the Russian Federation. Our dispatching network is able to attract up to 200 vehicles of any class and serve events of any scale at the highest level.

To date, Mercedes rental with a driver in DALEX-VIP is a fleet of vehicles with the most successful vehicles: the new Mercedes S, G, V class, the notorious Mercedes Viano and, of course, where without the popular, time-tested Mercedes Sprinter.

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The minimum order of a Mercedes Rent a car with a driver in St. Petersburg is 3 hours + 1 hour of filing.

Hourly, daily, long-term lease Mercedes with the driver.

Call us: +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59

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Mercedes S class Rent A Car with driver in St. Petersburg for VIP

Аренда Мерседес S Class W222 в СПбRent of an executive car Mercedes S class W 222 with a driver in St. Petersburg. NEW S CLASS 2016/17 !!! The brightest diamond of the concern Mercedes! External elegance, presentable, ergonomic interior of this car is above all peaks.

The best for the best customers, for those who understand the elite cars and appreciate their time. Ordering a car for any business events, an international economic forum, a wedding (white body), transfer to Pulkovo airport, railway and bus stations, seaports. Organization of the presentation of the car for the artists of the Russian and foreign stage to the concert hall.

Perhaps the provision of paramilitary protection, personal bodyguard. Maintenance of VIP trips by SUVs Mercedes Gelendvagen. Hourly or long-term rental Mercedes S class 222 with a driver in St. Petersburg for VIP.

Аренда Мерседес W221 Рестайлиг в Санкт-Петербурге СПб

Rent a Mercedes executive car with a driver in St. Petersburg (SPb) - S class W 221 Restyling!!! This updated Mercedes W221 in a new elegant body is able to satisfy any desire of the business-like customer.

In it there is everything that you may need on the way to an important meeting or a solemn evening. This is climate control, and automatic adjustment of leather seats, not to mention the armrests and headrests with electric drive.

In general, everything necessary to ensure that your trip was the most comfortable and enjoyable. All types of transportation from the business program to the wedding (white color), transfer to the airport Pulkovo, railway and bus stations. Rent Mercedes S class 221 with a driver - an advantageous offer for VIP at the best price in St. Petersburg.

Mercedes Rent a Van with driver for VIP in St. Petersburg

Rent a Mercedes with a driver in St. Petersburg in the company DALEX-VIP for various events from economy class to VIP level. Each minivan, the Mercedes minivan in our car park is not just a means of transportation - it is a luxury transport equipped with additional equipment from air conditioners, automatically adjustable seats to TVs and a Burmester loudspeaker, for example, to the Mercedes V class.

mercedes v class v spbRent Mercedes V Class in St. Petersburg with driver (V class V-250 Bluetec Edition for VIPs). New, hit of 2015! The latest model from the German manufacturer. This car in its class represents an innovation in the world of the automotive industry.

In another way, it is called an "office on wheels", since the ergonomic qualities of the salon, made in the style of the premium class, allow, in all seriousness, to conduct business negotiations in it, press conferences.

On the other hand, renting a Mercedes with a driver from the V-class is completely suitable for passenger transportation of corporate small groups, companies up to 7 people. Transfer to Finland, Moscow, trips to ski and summer recreation centers. Rent a VIP minivan of a representative class for excursions in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

The vehicles are in excellent condition, technically sound, with the support of all modern embedded systems to ensure the safety of passengers during the trip. Each VIP car, minibus is worthy to go to it for an important meeting with business partners, presentation, is great for any holiday event in your life.

Mercedes Rent a car with driver in St. Petersburg - VIP choose us!

The company DALEX-VIP is, first of all, a team of professionals who give all their strength to their business for many years, which has shown itself only from the best position among its competitors.

Mercedes-Benz car rental with a driver in St. Petersburg for business people who are prudent, who love luxury and knows the price of expensive cars. Individual approach to every customer. Work with companies, organizations on mutually beneficial agreements under the contract. That is why many choose us.

Аренда VIP авто с водителем в Санкт-Петербурге

We have rich experience of working with foreign clients, managers are fluent in English, which will not make it difficult to properly apply for a particular type of transport for foreigners. Hundreds of non-residents, for whom cars were provided for 15 years of our activity, were satisfied with our service. Mercedes-Benz Rent a car with a driver in St. Petersburg for VIPs - aerobatics service!

The exact cost of renting cars, Mercedes minibuses in St. Petersburg (Peter) ask our managers for the phones listed on the site. In addition, through the feedback form you can ask a question or ask for a call back. We will contact you shortly.

Rent a Mercedes car with a driver - they trust us VIP

For 15 years of existence, DALEX-VIP has leased more than 20,000 representative cars. We hosted VIP guests of honor at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, heads of state at various events.

Аренда представительского автомобиля Mercedes s222, s221 в СПб

Our clients are football players from St. Petersburg Zenit, ice hockey players SKA, national and honored artists of Russia, politicians and cultural figures, the largest businessmen from dozens of countries. Many guests of our city, returning on business, gladly turn to us again.

Rent a Mercedes executive car with driver - a top-level service in St. Petersburg from DALEX-VIP.

Call us: +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59

    • Мерседес S222 + Гелендваген G55

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 30%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес V-Class

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 14'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, белый цвет, Люкс
      • СКИДКА - 20%
    • Подробнее


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