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Bus Rental with driver and guide in St Petersburg

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    Bus rental with driver and guide in St. Petersburg by the company «DALEX-VIP». Own vehicle fleet of passenger vehicles for events of any scale, for various purposes.

     Trips along the Northern capital, Leningrad region, in the North-West region of the Russian Federation. Rent a bus for international flights to Finland, Estonia - the most popular destinations from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Tampere, Tallinn, Turku, Pärnu.

Аренда и заказ автобуса в Санкт-Петербурге СПб

    Bus Hire with driver white, black, blue, red, yellow, gray, green colors of the most famous, reliable manufacturers in the shash fleet: Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Daf, Hyundai, Yutong, Haiger, Neoplan, Ayveko, Golden Dragon, King Long et al.

Business and Luxury Class Bus for rent in Saint Petersburg

Package of services

 - Bus hire for excursion across St.-Petersburg;

 - Bus Rental for a wedding in St. Petersburg;

 - Rent a bus for a trip around the Leningrad region;

 - Intercity bus;

 - Buses for international travel;

 - Transportation of employees;

 - Buses for VIP.

Rent a bus in St. Petersburg - price, cost

    Bus hire in St. Petersburg - the price and cost depends on the number of hours for which you need a passenger vehicle. The minimum time is from 4 hours + 1 hour to the designated place.

    LUXURY and PREMIUM Bus class rental wit driver and guide - VIP passenger transport. The rental price is slightly more expensive than an ordinary bus, however the conditions of the trip will prevail in the economy category. These may include leather or velor seats made of high quality materials, TV, air conditioning, heater, toilet in the salon, etc.

    • Bus LUX

    • arenda-avtobusa-20-25 SPb

    • 2013, 20-25 p. s.
    • 1'600 rub/h

      • Min order
        4 + 1 h
    • Transfer - 8'000 rub

      • Bus LUX

      • 14

      • 2013, 30-35 p. s.
      • 1'800 rub/h

        • Min order
          4 + 1 h
      • Transfer - 9'000 rub

        • Bus LUX

        • 8

        • 2013, 50-55 p. s.
        • 2'000 rub/h

          • Min order
            4 + 1 h
        • Transfer - 10'000 rub

          • Bus LUX

          • arenda-avtobusa-60-65 SPb

          • 2013, 60-65 p. s.
          • 2'200 rub/h

            • Min order
              4 + 1 h
          • Transfer - 11'000 rub


          The minimum order of a bus for rent with a driver in St. Petersburg is 4 hours + 1 hour of filing.

          Daily, long-term bus rental. Routing.

          Call us: +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59

          51038031 50689305 0011

          Features of renting, booking a bus in St. Petersburg from DALEX-VIP

              Bus Rental with driver and guide in DALEX-VIP is not only a clean, technically sound, modern vehicle, but also cultural, professional drivers, with experience of passenger transportation from 10 years. They perfectly know the city, region, region, foreign routes, on time they take the bus to the place of the order, do not be late, do not violate the rules of the road.

          Safety during the whole trip is our main criterion!

              As for the buses themselves, each of them is a means of transport from well-known manufacturers, which is not more than 5 years old, comfortable for passengers, with modern equipment in the cabin and a sufficiently large compartment for luggage. You can calmly, as comfortably as possible, go on any of them on a long journey.

              Bus Hire for 30-35, 40-45, 50-55 people (passenger seats) are the most popular options in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. However, our company is ready to provide a bus for passenger transportation of small and large groups - by 20-25 or 60, 65, 70, 75 people. In addition, booking, renting a long-distance bus with a driver for tourist groups and VIPs, for trips to football, hockey (fan bass for departure, tours to all cities of the Russian Federation).

          To our clients we offer:

           - Bus Rental for excursion with guide. The vehicles are of high comfort, perfectly clean, equipped with seat belts, air conditioning, CD and TV. The presence of a microphone for the guide in each bus allows you to conduct sightseeing tours by bus to St. Petersburg, talk about the sights of the city. You do not get bored! For foreign tourists from our partners a guide-interpreter with excellent knowledge of the language is provided.

          Аренда и заказ автобуса в Санкт-Петербурге - недорого

           - Bus Hire for intercity trips . TS with soft seats, safety equipment, climate control, music and TV systems. Historical places, parks, reserves in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, in the North-West of Russia. Convenient and home-style trips to such satellite cities of St. Petersburg as Petrodvorets, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Vyborg, and others. 

           - Bus Rental for the wedding. Business class, economy class with a driver at favorable prices for any solemn event in St. Petersburg. Meeting guests at the airport, at the railway station, the registry office, renting around the city, the route to banquet evil, the transportation of guests to their homes and to the hotel. Our service area includes a large part of the North-West of the Russian Federation. We will find you a suitable bus for a wedding in St. Petersburg, for every taste and color.

          Туристические автобусы - аренда в Санкт-Петербурге СПб

           - rent and order a bus for corporate. Provision of passenger vehicles for your business activities. Business meetings, solemn parties, New Year's holidays for small and large companies. Corporate transportation of employees of organizations, transportation of passengers, workers of yours to work objects. Discounts for corporate customers when ordering from 2 buses. We work under the contract for cash and non-cash payment.

           - rent and order a VIP bus - transfer, a meeting at the airport Pulkovo. For large and small groups of tourists, guests of St. Petersburg, VIP buses are business class. Safe journey from the terminal to the hotel, hotel or vice versa. Tactiness and accuracy of drivers, leather seats in the cabin of the LUX class, air conditioning, tinted windows, sun blinds and the usual shelves for hand luggage. Service international level - for you!

          Интерьер туристического автобуса - аренда в СПб

          Order a bus in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) - easy!

              Bus Hire with a driver in St Petersburg for excursions, for schoolchildren, children, for a wedding, corporate, prom and other VIP events you can by phone +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59 or leave your application on our website using a simple feedback form. Our managers will answer all your questions and provide you with the complete information that interests you. Call and ask!

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