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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mimibus Rental in St Petersburg by DALEX-VIP

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    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mimibus Rental in St Petersburg Russia by DALEX-VIP. Black and white style Minibus hire with 20 passengers seats for a wedding, taxi to Airport, shuttle (transfer) and other events. Transportation of private and corporate nature, transportation of employees, business trips in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

arenda prokat mercedes sprinter spb 1arenda prokat mercedes sprinter spb 2

    Rent Minibus Mercedes Sprinter is suitable for you, both for walking activities, sightseeing tours in St. Petersburg, and for any celebration: rent a Mercedes Sprinter for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate. VIP meeting at the Pulkovo, at the railway station on a minibus business class.

Own autopark of new Mercedes Sprinter 2015

    The Sprinter series has proven itself in the car industry as a reliable German car in terms of passenger traffic. Convenient and profitable transfer SPb - Finland, St. Petersburg - Moscow, tourist trips to the near abroad.

Rent a Mercedes Sprinter Luxury - hire a VIP minibus

Service Package

 - rent a Mercedes Sprinter for business: SPIEF, summit, presentation;

 - Rent a Mercedes Sprinter for a wedding (minibus for guests, friends, relatives), birthday, celebration. Rent around the city during a wedding photo shoot;

 - Minibus Mercedes Sprinter Rental for leisure: corporate, business meeting VIP, party, a trip to the city for nature;

 - business transfer on Minibus Mercedes Sprinter to Pulkovo airport, railway, bus station, seaport of St. Petersburg;

 - a meeting from the maternity hospital at the Mercedes Sprinter;

 - VIP taxi Mercedes Sprinter St. Petersburg for 20 people in St. Petersburg, suburbs, Leningrad region, in the north-west of the Russian Federation. VIP Sprint taxi in Helsinki;

 - Mercedes Sprinter Rental for transportation of employees to various events, for business;

 - Rent Mercedes Sprinter for cinema (transport for the film crew).


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The minimum order of the minibus Mercedes Sprinter black, white with a driver in St. Petersburg - 4 hours + 1 hour of filing.

To take Mercedes Sprinter in rent it became even easier!

Hourly, daily, long-term lease Mercedes Sprinter from St. Petersburg. Minibus hire for a day, night. Week, month.

To order a Mercedes Sprinter by phone +7 (812) 715-19-59, +7 (812) 925-56-66 or on the site.

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Rent a Mercedes Sprinter white for a wedding in St. Petersburg 

    Rent a Mercedes Sprinter white for a wedding with a driver in St. Petersburg by the company DALEX-VIP is the opportunity to confidently, comfortably and safely transport your invited guests during the whole celebration. From our side we have prepared a fleet of magnificent minibuses of black and white color, in an ideal condition, not older than 3 years.

Аренда Мерседес Спринтер белого цвета на свадьбуАренда Мерседес Спринтер белого цвета на свадьбу СПб

    You, in turn, can choose economy and luxury classes, with a capacity of 18 to 20 seats. Mercedes Sprinter for guests to the wedding. Razvozka friends and relatives. Mercedes Sprinter VIP class Rental is equipped with leather seats. All high-end buses are regularly checked once a month, drivers with experience of 10 years.

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  • Address: 199004 Санкт-Петербург, Кадетская линия д. 29
  • Phone: +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59
  • Opening hours: around the clock, without breaks and days off
  • DALEX-VIP on the map:
    • Мерседес S222 + Гелендваген G55

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 30%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес V-Class

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 14'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, белый цвет, Люкс
      • СКИДКА - 20%
    • Подробнее


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+7 (812) 715-19-59

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