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Rolls-Royce Phantom Rent A Car with driver in St Petersburg by DALEX-VIP

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    Rolls-Royce Phantom Rent A Car with driver in St Petersburg by DALEX-VIP. Elite and luxury limousine car rental for a wedding, birthday. Transfer, VIP taxi Rolls-Royce Phantom at an affordable price in St. Petersburg.

Аренда Rolls-Royce Phantom в Санкт-Петербурге СПб

    Exotic snow-white Rolls Royce Rent a Car for business and leisure. Booking a car for a trip to Pulkovo Airport, meeting at the VIP terminal. A comfortable trip to the hotel for a luxury car in an aristocratic style will emphasize your status.

Luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom rent a car with a driver

Package of services

 - Rent a Rolls Royce Phantom for a wedding, birthday, celebration, party, romantic dinner, date;

 - Rent a Rolls Royce for the "golden youth" - a trip to the club, to party, car to aftertapati;

 - Cars for business: Rolls-Royce at SPIEF, forum, summit, corporate, for business meeting;

 - Transfer to the hotel (Taxi, shuttle Pulkovo - Grand Hotel Europa), VIP taxi Rolls-Royce to Pulkovo Airport, railway, bus station St. Petersburg;

 - a meeting of mother and child from the hospital at the Rolls-Royce Phantom of white color in St. Petersburg;

 - test drive, walk on Peter's night, drive to Rolls-Royce outside the city;

 - photo shoot with Rolls-Royce, rent Rolls-Royce for filming in movies, commercials, video, clip.


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The minimum order of the Rolls-Royce Phantom is 4 hours + 1 hour of filing.

Hourly, daily, long-term Rolls-Royce Rent a car with a driver in St. Petersburg for a day, night, day, week, month.

+7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59

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White Rolls-Royce car rental for a wedding in Saint-Petersburg

    Rent Rolls-Royce Phantom for a wedding with a driver in St. Petersburg. Rent an exotic white car in the wedding cortege. Possibility to order a professional photographer. Photosession with Rolls-Royce in the background of popular places in St. Petersburg at night and in the afternoon. Exclusive snow-white cars of the LUX class for the bride and groom with professional driver by DALEX-VIP - reliable and prestigious! We have prepared favorable wedding packages for you.

Аренда rOLLS-rOYCE pHANTOM НА СВАДЬБУ в Санкт-Петербурге СПб

    Rolls-Royce Phantom for a wedding is a worthy substitute for a primitive limousine. A legendary car from a British manufacturer will impress those present at the wedding of guests, leave vivid impressions of the solemn event throughout its entire length.

Rolls-Royce Phantom for rent - taxi for business St. Petersburg

    Rent a Rolls-Royce in St. Petersburg from DALEX-VIP - your success in any business! Business trip on a representative car with an experienced driver in St. Petersburg is an international service. Meeting with a sign near the terminal, VIP taxi, shuttle from Pulkovo airport to the hotel. Help the chauffeur with the luggage. Timely delivery of the car to the hotel.

Аренда Rolls-Royce Phantom для бизнеса в Санкт-Петербурге СПб

    Transport services for VIPs at events of the highest level. Petersburg International Economic Forum, important events taking place in St. Petersburg. Escort by a bodyguard, armed guard.

Rolls Royce Phantom Rental in St. Petersburg - the rental price

    Rolls-Royce Phantom White Car Rental with a driver is available to every resident and visitor of the Northern capital. The rental rate, the price per hour of Rolls-Royce rental is from 6'800 rubles. On weekends and holidays, it may differ from the one indicated in the price list. Organization of holiday transportation: wedding cortege, excursion to St. Petersburg, registrar, restaurant. Evening transfer for the newlyweds to the hotel, to the house. Personal protection and escort on Gelendvagen.

    Rolls-Royce Phantom Car Hire with driver in St. Petersburg. Booking elite cars of premium class. Find out how much the car costs by phone +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59 or you can make an order on the site using the feedback form.


Video trailer Rolls-Royce Phantom

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  • Address: 199004 Санкт-Петербург, Кадетская линия д. 29
  • Phone: +7 (812) 927-76-66, +7 (812) 715-19-59
  • Opening hours: around the clock, without breaks and days off
  • DALEX-VIP on the map:
    • Мерседес S222 + Гелендваген G55

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 30%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес V-Class

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 12'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, чёрный цвет
      • СКИДКА - 25%
    • Подробнее
    • Мерседес S222 + Мерседес Спринтер

    • 14'000 руб

      • 3+1 ч, белый цвет, Люкс
      • СКИДКА - 20%
    • Подробнее


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