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Mercedes G Class G55 Rent A Car with driver in St Petersburg

Аренда Гелендвагена - Мерседес G55 AMG с водителем в Санкт-Петербурге

Mercedes G Class G55 Gelandewagen Rent A Car with driver in St Petersburg Russia by DALEX-VIP. SUV Rental for a wedding, business, VIP security. Meeting at the airport, luxury taxi, shuttle. Blqack and white color at your choice. Updated Gelandewagen Restyling 2016 SUV Rental. Summer hit!

Jeep fits perfectly in the event of various sizes: support representative car during a business trip, lichnaaya security, meeting important guests at the airport Pulkovo / Railway station. Number of passengers - 4. German SUV is probably the best car in its class, has earned the trust of millions of fans and, after various tests over time remains the most brutal, masculine vehicle.

Rent A SUV Gelandewagen G Class G55 in St Petersburg:

Packege services

  • your own personal security for VIP at business meeting and event, driver-body-guard;
  • Black and White Gelandewagen G55 AMG for a wedding, birthday, cortege, party, corporate event;
  • transfer, schuttle at the airport Pulkovo, railway station, sea port;
  • CAR RENTAL for cinema, fotosession, clips, commercial advertising.

The cost of renting a car - Price per hour in St. PetersburgPrice-List Rent A CarBook a car with a driver in St. Petersburg

Minimum order Rent A SUV Mercedes G Class Gelendvagen - 4 hours + 1 hour for delivery.

Hourly, daily, long-term SUV rental Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen G Class G55 with driver in St. Petersburg.

Mercedes Gelandewagen G55 AMG 2016 Rent a SUV

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Gelandewagen Rental with personal guard and escort in St Petersburg Russia

Rent Gelendvagen Mercedes G Class G55 black, white in St. Petersburg (SPb) by «DALEX-VIP» for the representation of persons with personal guard and escort. If you fear that during the mass event, before or after it (football, hockey, concerts, shows) to your health may be caused damage, then your trip we can arrange accompanied SUV Mercedes Gelendvagen directly, utilizing personal protection. A group of professional staff CHOP will protect your car's movement, control the situation on the road, "covering" Helice.

Аренда Мерседес Гелендваген - охрана и сопровождение ВИП в СПб
Rent Mercedes Gelandewagen - security, bodyguard and escurt in SPb

Our group of companies since 2000, has been working in the field of transport and travel services, providing VIP cars and cooperates with reliable, proven only with the best hand private security companies, private security. Our work together harmoniously for years, we know all the nuances, pitfalls of various situations of any complexity level and are ready to handle them perfectly well.

We are trusted to work with high-ranking officials, representatives of different states in the SPIEF. Providing rental Gelendvagen Mercedes G55, we give them even more confidence in their safety. You can add more such time as Gelenvagena Mercedes G55 rent a suv to support the valuable cargo. In our field of action includes the whole of the North-West region, so that you can rent a car with a personal guard and your cargo will be delivered to the desired location safely.

Gelandewagen wedding cortege in St Petersburg

Rent Gelendvagen for wedding cortege in St. Petersburg (SPb). Machines, SUVs black, white. Nedoroshoy jeep rental for the ceremonial event has recently become more popular. And it's not the solvency of the newlyweds, and in the availability of this class of car. Most likely, the major role played by the fact that the motorcade of Mercedes Gelendvagen emphasizes not only the status of the current event, but also the reliability of created this wedding day.

Аренда Гелендвагена для кортежа на свадьбу - белый, черный внедорожник в СПб

Taking part in a wedding motorcade, Gelandewagen G55 to press passing near cars, clear the way for the main machine the bride and groom that make the surrounding onlookers open up their mouths, jealous of your happiness. Of course, this is not a vehicle for the "young" (although sometimes that is selected and for the base car for the wedding), but you think about how to be able to complete the program revel in the "helicopter" witness and the witness.

Аренда Гелендвагена на свадьбу - белый и чёрный

And if the wedding scenario include the car as the vehicle of your fathers or grandfathers, how they revive old and remember the "dashing 90", the holiday will be unforgettable. Rent Gelendvagen for a wedding - the idea, the result of which is not exactly spoil your wedding album.

The cost of a wedding convoy, prices in St. Petersburg depend on the number of wedding cars, the time is taken on the machine, SUVs (Gelandewagen G55) and additional services. Service DALEX-VIP additionally offers holiday decorations, holiday accessories, ribbons, balloons and flowers. Provision of personal protection and escort.

Rent Gelendvagen - the price, the cost of rent in St. Petersburg

Rent Gelendvagen in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) is accessible to everyone. The price depends on the number of hours during which you will use the car with a personal driver. Minimum order Gelendvagen G55 (Helice) is 4 hours   1 hour for delivery SUV in place by the client application. The cost of rental with a driver are not overstated and understated not. It is the average for Peter. You can see the details of hourly rental, shuttle to the airport, w / d and bus station in the section Prices.


Official Trailer Mercedes G-Class G55 Gelandewagen AMG

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